Fredrik is the reader we write for. He is 43 years old and lives in a large villa in Saltsjöbaden with his wife and their two children. Fredrik has always been interested in his own finances and started making smaller investments at an early age. Today, he has relatively large assets in both equities, mutual funds and securities. He invests, among other things, through his bank (Swedbank) but is also active on Avanza and thinks it is rewarding to trade for fun. He has greater savings for both his wife and children. Financial security weighs heavily and he is careful to ensure that his children will have a secure future. He spends about SEK 100,000 on trips each year.

Zandra is the strong reader of the Share Saver. Zandra is 35 years old and lives in Gothenburg. She has an overnight apartment in Stockholm and is often traveling around the world. She comes from Jönköping and started blogging as a teenager, and is now regarded as an influential influencer in blog circles. She released a book on the subject which got a lot of attention.

She is considered to be an inspirational entrepreneur and many people are drawn to her and want to work with her. She spends an average of SEK 40,000 a year on home decor and about SEK 35,000 on PT-pass per year.

Zandra was early set for her to become wealthy, and that has been one of her driving forces. However, as a blogger, she received a lot of money for a short period of time, she was not really prepared for, and her financial adviser at Nordea has helped her understand where to invest to get the best possible return. She has made a lot of savings because she understands that she will not be able to live as a blogger all her life, and wants to feel safe when that day comes.

Source: Orvesto Internet, Orvesto Konsument, Orvesto Näringsliv

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